Namibia Roadtrip Day 15

on Saturday, February 5, 2011
Day 15.

DISTANCE: Tar Road 86.6km
WEATHER: Sunshine/Rain.

After a very long night and the initiation of the emergency tent toilet plan (no details given here as patents pending!) and my blood boiling, I decided to put on a stern face and complain; something I’m not very good at, but as there were no lights last night - not even in the toilets, I felt justified. Just before I set out I notice a man hanging about around the toilet, so I decide to watch him. After a few seconds the lights come on and he appears. “You didn’t have any electricity last night, it was turned off” Obvious statement of the day!!! “I know, its not good enough” I say. He disappears and I mention to Jeff where I saw him coming from. Jeff being the very technical person he is pops round the back of the toilet and locates the electricity switches, and the switch in the fuse board for the hot water - which is still turned off by the way!

Now I am cross, the man who turned on the electricity was the same man who was sat in the bar all night with a walkie-talkie, he didn’t even check to see if our electric was working! Practicing my piece, I arrive and ask to speak to the manager, who of course is not in, but the receptionist already knows we didn’t have electricity, a flushing toilet, or hot water yesterday as they had to turn the electricity off because of the rain. I advised her that when we arrived it had not been raining and about the dangers of walking around in the dark. Then I told her if it hadn’t been for the cat calling, we might not have found our way back to the truck. She replied: “what a lovely story”. I wasn’t sure whether she was patronising me, pleased with herself that the cat had been so heroic, or being just plain irritating. She also advised me they called out an electrician to ‘fix’ the hot water. Well, I knew it was turned off, from what Jeff had told me. I could see, the conversation was going nowhere, so with no manager to talk to, I wandered back. This campsite looked very up market, with its big entrance gates, customer service area, swanky conference style facilities, but actually offered very little to us, as travellers.

We spent our last afternoon sitting by the pool and after checking that there was a different chef on to the night before, we chose a snack platter for lunch, which was more palatable than the night before thankfully. Then, after a bitter lemon, we made our final drive back to Windhoek to hand the car over.

On our tour of Namibia in the rainy season we had a great adventure we covered 2606.1 km's. We saw diverse countryside, amazing wildlife, and stayed in some lovely places, anything we would do differently? Well, maybe a bush camper would be a better option in the rain, but the tent was fun, and it did look pretty cool!


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